【KOL Analysis】Weekly Rising Stars Update(6/4)

April 8, 2022

The Weekly Rising Star Leaderboard has been updated ! This week's rising stars still included Kat Wong, Beti's kitchen, Terrance Lau and Cecilia Choi, as well as Tiff. who has been on the leaderboard before.

Tiff (IG: @tiff.tsoi  ) is a micro-influencer who was on the list earlier. Her IG mainly focuses on eating, drinking, entertainment and daily life photos. Tiff has gained a certain popularity due to her good looking, and her IG followers are steadily increasing. Last week, the number of her IG followers were 22K, and this week it has increased by 1K to 23K. While the engagement rate is 3.26%. Tiff's brand cooperation mainly focuses on beauty brands, including estHK and NARS. The brand placement performance has risen to 95%, which is quite good.

[Image source: IG @tiff.tsoi ]

Kat Wong (IG: @kathrynwonggg  )’s IG is also mainly about daily life records and posed photos. Her IG followers last week were 37K, and for this week, it increased by 6K to 43K. The engagement rate also rose slightly to 3.74%. Kat's brand cooperation is mainly based on beauty and styling brands, such as GHD and shu uemura. The brand placement performance has risen to 78%. Marketers can take this as a reference.

【 Image source: IG @kathrynwonggg 】

Beti's kitchen (IG: @betiskitchenx  ), a cooking sharing platform operated by Beti, mainly shares simple recipes with a variety of styles, making it more and more popular. The number of its IG followers was 53K last week and 56K this week. It has increased by 3K compared to last week. The engagement rate remained at 3.88%. Beti's kitchen will cooperate with brands such as Le Creuset and YATA that sell ingredients or cooking equipments. The brand placement performance remains at 79%. All food-related brands may also consider new cooperation methods!

【 Image source: IG @betiskitchenx 】

Terrance Lau (IG: @lauchunhim.terrance  ), whose popularity has soared because of "Leap Day" and "Beyond the Dream", also acted as the male lead in "940920". This has made Terrance gain more attention and popularity. The number of his IG followers has increased by 1K compared with last week, breaking through the number of 100K followers! His engagement rate also remained at 10.79%, and his brand placement performance also remained stable at 43%.

【 Image source: IG @lauchunhim.terrance 】

Cecilia Choi (IG: @ceciliachoii  ) also gained more attention and popularity with "940920". Cecilia had 81K IG followers last week. The number of her followers this week has increased by 1K to 82K, and the engagement rate has risen to 14.33%, which is a good performance.

【 Image source: IG @ceciliachoii 】

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