Problems logging in


Please ensure you have used the correct email to log in. If it still doesn’t work, please contact support@popared.com

How do I update my account details or password?


1. Login your account
2. Brands - select settings at the top of your page;
   Influencers - select your account’s icon on the top right corner
3. Update your information/password in respective columns.

How to add or change the Facebook Page connected to your Instagram Business account?


Before you begin
- Make sure your Facebook account has an admin role to connect to
- You are using an Instagram professional account

Start connecting (Via Facebook)
1. Go to your Facebook Page.
2. Select Settings at the top of your Page.
3. Select Instagram.
4. To add an existing Instagram account to your Page, Select Log in and follow the on-screen instructions.

Start connecting (Via Instagram)Go to your Instagram Business account, select Settings at the top of your Page.Tap Accounts CenterTap Accounts & ProfilesTap Add Accounts and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your Facebook Page.


What perks do I enjoy joining Popared?


By joining us as an Influencer, you could raise your profile’s awareness and connect to brands easier. Campaigns that echo with your profession will be discovered instantly and you will be the first to know once global/local brands launched them.

Am I qualified to open an Influencer account on Popared?


If you’ve fulfilled our platform’s requirement (Instagram followers ≥ 3000), you are qualified to join us as an Influencer! Once your Influencer account is verified, you’ll be able to enjoy our full services.

How to join Popared as an Influencer?


You could register for free by clicking Register on our homepage, follow through the instructions and your account will be activated once your Influencer account is verified.

Why am I suggested to link my Instagram/Facebook account to Popared?


It’s highly suggested to link your Instagram/Facebook account with us, not only we could show more profile insights to brands while they’re searching on Popared, it’ll also in turn increase your profile’s exposure and opportunities for collaboration.

Is there commission charged?


For Influencers, we are currently offering free trials, you would be notified if we launch any pricing plans, stay tuned by joining us!

Can I join as an Influencer if I have an existing contract?


If you are concerned, it’s strongly recommended to review your existing contract’s terms and conditions to ensure your eligibility.

Brands / Agencies

Which platform’s Influencers can you find on Popared?


Presently we support searching Influencers’ profiles from Instagram, Facebook, and Xiaohongshu (小紅書).

What constructed Influencers’ grades?


The Influencers’ grades we include in their profiles were calculated and sorted with our tailormade algorithm to reflect his/her performance on the platform. The calculation for Instagram/Xiaohongshu influencers’ grades was based on their no. of followers and interactions retrieved from recent ≤12 posts.The top 15% of the influencers are currently graded A- or above (S, A+, A, A-.

What are Weekly Rising Stars?


The Weekly Rising Stars profiles shown are influencers whose grades improved rapidly during the past 7 days; the row suggests which influencer is trending recently with growing followers/engagement rate.

What criterion can I use to search for influencers on Popared?


You can search by category, keyword, location, Follower and Engagement rate, date range, Influencers’ grade. Explore the platform to find out the criterion that best fits you!

How do I collaborate with Influencers on Popared?


1. Login as a brand account and create campaign(s) on our platform.
2. Fill up details (e.g., campaign duration, platforms to promote on, briefs, and sample visuals) that you wish to let influencers know.
3. There are multiple tasks for your selection, common options are to publish posts or short videos, live videos, etc.
4. After publishing the campaign(s), you will receive Influencers’ quotes concerning each task and thereafter form the collaboration.

How does the free trial work?


No payment details are required for the free trial, join us with the option to upgrade to our premium plan at any time to unlock full functions.If you change your mind, you could cancel your subscription before the upcoming billing date. Upon cancellation, your premium plan will cease by the end of the current billing period.

Pricing and Plan?


To subscribe to our premium plan, simply head to the “Upgrade Your Plan” tab on the homepage and you will find the pricing details.

Can I have a tailor-made marketing solution from Popared?


Sure! We also tailor-make marketing solutions according to brands’ requests and preferences, accommodated with specialists to follow up the entire campaign, please feel free to contact us at business@popared.com for more information.